Version 1.1 is now released!

Download here

Many major changes to design and many bugfixes. Full changelog can be seen below.


  • Better animations for hover on posts
  • Fixed bug with media queries and feed wouldn't show for three columns
  • Fixed aspect ratio for images
  • Changed breakpoint for tablets
  • Design changes
    • Gutter changed to 20px
    • Added serif font for quotes.
    • Sub-headings are now in bold
    • Code blocks no longer have a background.
    • Body-text are now darker
    • Links now have a permanently visible underline which will become darker upon hover.
    • Margins fixed overall for posts.
  • Improved readability
    • Better visual grouping of blocks (using margins)
    • Fixed bug where all first and last elements would have margins removed.
    • Changed margins of headings
  • Image in blockquotes now scale properly
  • Fix for sticky footer script
  • Scripts now work when ran as a subdomain
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